Welcome Friends!

Don’t you think daisies are just the friendliest flower?!

Daisies are Blissful

The daisy instills joy in the heart of it’s beholder with it’s message of hope and renewal. The daisy is proof that you can be your own kind of beautiful. The blissful daisy creates happy and shares it!


Everyone knows that we can’t be happy all the time because sad times and trials come for everyone. But we all inherently want to be happy. We want to fill our lives with joy.

Life is meant to have challenges because there is an opposition in all things, but life is also meant to be happy. If there was no sad times, we would not value the happy times, because we would not know anything different.

You can teach and train your heart and mind to focus on your gifts, your blessings, and your potential, rather than on your hurts and trials.

A wise woman and author Jaroldeen Edwards said:
We must feel that we can learn better patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing that will allow us—wherever we are individually at this moment—to feel better, accomplish more, and rise higher.

Develop it.

Seek to develop a heightened awareness of what joy is and of what your responsibilities are for your own happiness. The blissful daisy creates happy and shares it!

Cultivate it.

Just as you would cultivate daisies and flowers in your yard or garden, you can cultivate happiness. You can cultivate the bright side of life. You can weed out the negative and plant the positive. The blissful daisy cultivates joy from the small and simple things of life.

Simplify it.

Look for and find the joy of simplicity, even in the complicated and fast-paced world of today, for it is there to be found. Just like the beautiful simplicity of the daisy you can find happiness in the common, everyday things that are all around you.

Celebrate it.

Life is full of ways that you can celebrate it. You can find big & small ways to do this everyday. You can celebrate when you rise to a new day.  Jaroldeen Edwards said:

“Everyday occasions can be transformed into experiences of joy. The power of improving the delight of our lives is not an enormous thing – it is a small proportion of all the hundreds of things we are already doing right.”

Create it.

When you can’t get out of your current circumstances you can visualize a place that makes you happy. You can visual through pictures, and thoughts and imagination.

You can create a space in your home or yard that is your happy place. The blissful daisy creates happy!

I love to create, so this is my creative happy place.

My Happy Creative Place

Share it.

James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan said:

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

You live in a day when your reach can span across the world! Isn’t that amazing?!

You can lift yourself and others by sharing positive visual content through online blogging and social media.

The blissful daisy creates happy and shares it!


Daily Goals:

Do something simple that would brighten your day today.

Even better, do something simple that would brighten someone else’s day.

And be sure and do something you enjoy.  Be creative!

SMILE more!


About the Author


I am drawn by the power of the written word; anything inspiring & uplifting. I enjoy writing, being at the computer & the magic of pictures. Creation is in every part of my life through art, paper-crafting, crocheting, sewing, doing home improvement projects, and so on. I like organizing and cleanliness. I am blessed by family, friends & my religion.

Read more @ hope.theblissfuldaisy.com “Rejoicing in Hope“.

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